Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Don't just be a man..EXIST

Put "THE" in bold,italics and underline it..In other words define yourself. You are not going to be all things perfect to everyone. That statement is meant to say,Try as you may their is a segment that's just not going to give you a chance. Furthermore, not allow "themselves" to view you any different from their perception..press on!
An obstacle in the way of your life goal to become the man YOU can be proud of looking back at the image starring back at you.**cautionary note**cautionary note** a$$holes, bullies and bullsh8t artist are being replaced at an alarming rate with wigs and a mean a$$ shoe game. The American pie act is a little dated. If you're old enough to be a college grad. You're too old for constant antics. Listen carefully..grown a$$ men don't/shouldn't have a #Ted.( dig the movie though..buuut) The message is simple..try..harder..
I've been around long enough to watch the #millennium turn. Listen to my Mother,Father and Grandfather(all since passed). Many others that were supposed more street wise, spiritually aware and in text books probably smarter. But those 3 as different as they were occupation and personality aside. Their message to me always resonated the same. Dre..Don't just be..Exist. Be proud of the man you're growing into it's ever evolving..and it's your blueprint alone. Exist as"THE"man metaphorically speaking..(I had 2 put that disclaimer in there YOU know how mofo's start thinking)! Calm yourself champ. Live..live your life. Don't allow your whole life to be dictated to you from someone else's interpretation of life. As a man it's up to you to go forth and plant your 'proverbial spike' somewhere in this wide world. Take chances..take chances..take chances..failure toughens your leather(shout out to #run-dmc) but the choices and stories you create are yours to be proud of..or NOT  #MM


  1. Touche' daddy! I think all men should share this idea. Not just men, women too!! Women(me included) need to be more comfortable in our own skin. Thid is a blog for all in my opinion

  2. For so long, I was shrouded in the worry of being "not pretty enough, not smart enough" or "too shy or too awkward". When I learned to simply be me (not someone's expectation of me), I was able to live my life instead of being a spectator.