Sunday, August 7, 2016

When you learn to understand Presence and ..

What a confident 'strut' means( for you lame azz it means your walk). Also you realize how much of said 'strut' your self confidence is directly tied and projected!.. I vividly remember the effort on my end. I just didn't want to look goofy..sub-consciously, I never wanted to be taken as a joke unless I was joining in/telling one. The development of my walk came in phases of maturity . It started with my 1st. Puppy 🐶 "drunken love" and teenage WTF is this feeling?(I felt like Toby Maguire walking down the street in Spiderman 3.) Then as I got older, I watched and emulated my father with the patience of a sniper in a 'thousand yard stare.' He explain, I listened. Oh yeah I listened with a paint brush of a brain working the whole time. He made me understand why it was important to lift my head when I walked/spoke. "Dre"! I need you to walk with the pride of a four hundred year struggle. Perception in the world may be a reality if you allow it. I'm counting on you to become clarity in the fog. You need to swallow that bitter taste of America's view and get upset now, get it out of the way." He always insisted on awareness. Be aware and responsible of your PRESENCE when walking and your strength when standing..Perception...Own yours.. Don't allow society's "Don't shoot the messenger" and "future broadcasters" to dictate the "newest" version. Millennium Man and my 2cents worth. I'm OUT! #millennials#menslifestyle#dating#women#perceptionisreality#love#strength#men#pride#confidence

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  1. Very true! The "strut" only comes from maturity!
    I, myself don't have a very strong strut about me, so I find myself looking down half of the time, and I feel invisible. Ha! So you made me check myself!